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Ennis Warehouse

In June of 1961, Johnny R. Cody and John H. Allen formed a partnership to establish a heating and air conditioning company, and in May of 1962, Allen and Cody Corporation was born. On November 30, 1962, John Martin Cody, father of Johnny R. Cody, purchased the interest of John H. Allen.

In September of 1963, Allen and Cody began manufacturing sheet metal products to use in their air conditioning business located on South Lamar in Dallas.

Ennis Warehouse

Sheet metal production resulted in surplus stock requiring distribution outlet, so Allen and Cody began selling to wholesale supply houses. This business expanded to the point of requiring larger manufacturing facilities and, in May of 1967, part of the sheet metal plant was moved to Ennis, Texas.

In 1968, the corporation name was changed to Cody Company LLC.

Cody Company’s continued growth in the sheet metal production business required the Ennis plant to expand in 1969, 1970, 1972, 1975, 1979, and 1982.

In March of 1995, Cody Company purchased the asset from one of its San Antonio-based competitors. With this location, Cody Company was able to increase sales throughout southern Texas.

Cody Company has had consistent growth since its humble beginnings in 1961. The key to this growth has been our commitment to maintain a personal relationship with our customers and our employees.