Residential Products


Snap Lock Pipe
Insulated Sleeves
Ductboard Products
Drain Pans & Heater Stands
Roof Jacks & Flashings
Wall stacks
Start Collars
Non-Insulated Register Boots
Insulated Register Boots
Specialty Boots
Wyes & Tees
Ceiling Rings
End Caps
Specialty Connectors
CRD’s & CRD Boots
Nail Plates & Stud Guards
Line Set Covers & Brick Sleeves
Hanger Strap & Duct Saddles
S, Drives, Cleats, Vanes, & Rails
Access Doors
Since 1963, Cody Company has marketed prefabricated duct and fittings to wholesale distributors.

Cody Company’s residential products are designed with the ease of installation kept in mind while maintaining a superior quality of craftsmanship. Many of our products are self connecting by utilizing a button and hem lock. Many of our residential products also have the sizes embossed on the product itself.

We have included most of our residential products in our catalog section but if there is a product you don’t see or a size you need that is not listed, please email us at

For specification data or packaging information for any residential product, please email a request to